Who is Augusto Cury?

The most read author of last decade

Dr. Augusto Cury

Born in Colina, São Paulo, on October 2, 1958. Graduated in Medicine in São José do Rio Preto’s Medicine School and concluded the international doctorate in Multifocal Psychology at Florida Christian University in 2013 with the thesis: "Freemind Program as a global tool for the prevention of mental disorders". In his career he dedicated himself into the research on the dynamics of emotions. Has a graduate degree at PUC in São Paulo.

Cury is a graduate course professor and lecturer at national and international congresses. Was a lecturer at the 13th International Congress on Intolerance and Discrimination at Brigham Young University, in the United States of America.

Was considered the most read author of last decade in Brazil, by the magazine ISTOÉ and by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. Was awarded for the best fiction book of the year 2009 by the Chinese Academy of Literature, for the book: The Dreamseller, which was adapted to screen in 2016, a Brazilian production directed by Jayme Monjardim.

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Multifocal Intelligence Theory

Augusto Cury at the 11th Ribeirão Preto National Book Fair, 2011
Researcher in the quality of life area and intelligence development, Cury developed researches, with no ties to Universities, focused on the Multifocal Intelligence Theory. The theory aims to explain the human mind’s functioning and the ways to exercise a greater dominance over our lives through intelligence and thoughts.

Published “Multifocal Intelligence” in 1999, where he presented more than 30 essential elements for the formation of human intelligence, such as the process of interpretation and the vital flow of psychical energy.

It is a methodology that is used in Menthes Schools, which promotes the emotional development of children, adolescents, and adults. Developed the School of Intelligence project, which has as its main goals, the training of thinkers through the teaching of the most important intellectual and emotional functions for children and adolescents, such as, thinking before reacting, protecting your emotions, putting yourself in other people’s shoes, to expose and not to impose your ideas. Also created the Freemind Program, to contribute in conjunction with the Housing Drug Users, shelters, clinics, outpatients departments and schools to develop a healthy emotion development for the prevention and treatment of drug addiction.

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Dear friends, do not be emotional beggars begging for the bread of joy. Always keep in mind that in order not to fail in the emotion’s territory, it is necessary that you make your lives a spectacle for the eyes.

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