Augusto Cury Quotes about Motivation – Augusto Cury

Augusto Cury Quotes about Motivation – Augusto Cury

“An intelligent person learns from his/her own mistakes; a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

“Do not let frustrations be your master, master them. Use errors as an opportunity for growth. In life, wrong are those who cannot handle their own failures.”

"Never give up on those you love. Never give up on being happy. Fight forever for your dreams. Be deeply passionate about life because life is a spectacle you cannot miss.”

“Those who are not willing to miss the trivial are not worthy of winning the essential. And if we are friends with wisdom, we will find out that our loved ones are the essential…”

“Everyone wants to smell the flowers, but few are those who get their hands dirty to grow them.”

“Problems will never disappear, even in the most beautiful existence. They exist to be solved, not to disturb us.”

“Life is a great spectacle. Only those who have never taken a plunge into their own being and realized how fantastic the construction of one’s intelligence is.”

“Without dreams, life is a morning without due, a starless sky, an ocean without waves, a life without adventure, a meaningless existence.”

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