Augusto Cury Quotes about Life – Augusto Cury

Augusto Cury Quotes about Life – Augusto Cury

“Life is a long and complete text, which requires a lot of commas, even if sometimes those commas take the shape of tears.”

“Many live simply because they are alive. They live an aimless life, without goals, ideas, or dreams. They do not know how to deal with their weaknesses and tears. They only know how to deal with applause and get desperate when they are booed.”

“Being happy is not having a perfect life but using tears to water tolerance. Using losses to refine patience, using failure to sculpt serenity. Using pain to lapidate pleasure. Using hurdles to open windows of intelligence.”

“There is no sky without storms, nor roads without accidents. Don’t be afraid of life, be afraid of not living it to the fullest.”

“In the logic of life, dividing is multiplying. Sharing accomplishments multiplies happiness. Always follow logic of life.”

“Being happy is to stop being a victim of your problems and become the author of your own history. It is to cross deserts outside oneself but being able to find an oasis in the depths of your soul. It is to thank God every morning for the miracle of life.”

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