Augusto Cury Quotes about Jesus – Augusto Cury

Augusto Cury Quotes about Jesus – Augusto Cury

“May the unforgettable master teach you that the weak judge and give up while the strong comprehend and are hopeful.”

“Never has someone so great made himself so small to be able to make the little great.”

“Remember that Jesus Christ, a human being like you, went through the most dramatic suffering and overcame it with the highest dignity. Be as passionate about life as he was. Remember that, as he loved humanity passionately, he had the most ambitious plan in history. In that plan, you are unique and not just another face in the crowd.”

“Whoever believes to be the holder of the truth is prepared to be a god, and not just a human being. Unfortunately, the world is already crowded with gods.”

“Jesus Christ invested his intelligence in extremely complicated people to show us that no human being is a hopeless case. The most troubled people you live with today are not lost cases. Jesus’ history is a splendid example. It shows that the people who give us the most headaches today might be those who bring us the most joy in the future. What to do? Invest in them! Do not be a rule maker and dispenser of criticism! Surprise them! Win them over! Teach them how to think for themselves! Understand them! Plant seeds!

“The greatest leader is the one who recognizes how small he/she is, derives strength from humility and experience from weaknesses.”

“We are not perfect. Disappointments, frustrations and losses will always happen.”

“But God is the artist of the spirit and of the human soul. Don’t be afraid. After the longest of nights, the most beautiful dawn will break. Wait for it.”

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