Augusto Cury Quotes about Education – Augusto Cury

Augusto Cury Quotes about Education – Augusto Cury

“To educate is to sow wisely and harvest patiently.”

“In the world of emotion, training and education are the keywords. You must train your emotion to be happy. You must educate it to overcome losses and frustrations. Otherwise, your emotion will never be stable or able to contemplate the beauty in the little events of daily life.”

“Good students learn numerical math, fascinating students go beyond and learn the math of emotion, which does not include exact accounts and breaks with the rules of logic. In this form of math, you only learn how to multiply when you learn how to share, you only learn to win when you learn to lose, you only learn to receive when you learn to give of yourself.”

“An outstanding educator is not one who is perfect, but one who is serene enough to start from a clean slate and sensitivity to learn.”

“The worse the quality of education, the more relevant will be the role of psychiatry in the third millennium.”

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