Books About Anxiety by Augusto Cury – Augusto Cury

Books About Anxiety by Augusto Cury – Augusto Cury

“Our worst enemies are not outside, but rather, inside us. What is corrosive is your fear, anger, feeling of inferiority and lack of meaning in life.”

“Human beings can run away from everything and everyone, but never from their own conscience.”

“Those who worry about the future or ruminate about the past destroy the only time when it is possible to be happy, healthy and easy-going: the present.”

“Those who cannot renounce the anxious need to be perfect do not applaud their own humanity. They lose their essence and run out of vital energy.”

““Those who are slave to their thoughts are not free for anything else.”

“Being happy is to stop being the victim of our problems to become the author of our own story. It is to cross deserts outside us but be able to find an oasis in the depths of our souls. It is to thank God every morning for the miracle of life.”

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