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Phrases of Augusto Cury about Life

“Life is a long and complete text, which requires a lot of commas, even if sometimes those commas take the shape of tears.”

Augusto Cury's phrases about Life

Phrases by Augusto Cury about Education

“In the world of emotion, training and education are the keywords. You must train your emotion to be happy. You must educate it to overcome losses and frustrations. Otherwise, your emotion will never be stable or able to contemplate the beauty in the little events of daily life.”

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Phrases of Augusto Cury about Jesus

“May the unforgettable master teach you that the weak judge and give up while the strong comprehend and are hopeful.”

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Phrases by Augusto Cury about Motivation

“An intelligent person learns from his/her own mistakes; a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

Augusto Cury's phrases about Motivation

Phrases of Augusto Cury about Love

“Love and admiration can only be deep if they are spontaneous, otherwise we will produce slaves and not free thinkers who can make decisions on their own.”

Augusto Cury's phrases about Love

Augusto Cury quotes about Anxiety

“Our biggest enemies are not outside, but inside ourselves. Their fear, anger, feeling of inferiority and lack of meaning in life is what corrodes. ”

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Augusto Cury quotes about Emotion Management

“To manage emotions is to be free in the one place where we cannot be prisoners: within ourselves.”

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