Augusto Cury’s Projects

Learn about the EMS

The online Emotion Management School offers trainings with practical and efficient tools for you to develop the ability to manage your emotions through Dr. Augusto Cury’s Method.

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Learn about the School of Intelligence

The Intelligence School is a cultural program for traditional schools that implements tools for students to develop their emotional intelligence, achieving transformation through psychosocial health.

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Learn about “You Are Irreplaceable”

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 29 years old. In 2018, Dr. Augusto Cury created the First Free Social Program You Are Irreplaceable, an Emotional vaccine against Suicide.

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Fraternity Without Borders

Dr. Augusto Cury is one of the supporters of the Humanitarian Organization Fraternity without bordes, which works in places of extreme poverty, with the aim of helping to end hunger and build a world of peace.

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Augusto Cury's videos

Where is your delight for life?

Dear friends, do not be emotional beggars begging for the bread of joy. Always keep in mind that in order not to fail in the emotion’s territory, it is necessary that you make your lives a spectacle for the eyes.

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