Self-Help Books by Augusto Cury

Dr. Augusto Cury

You are Irreplaceable

In the theater of existence, we are a unique play. Look at your thumb, in the geography of lines are your fingerprints. There is nowhere else in the universe someone with the same fingerprints as yours. You are a UNIQUE being.

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Anxiety - How to face the evil of the century.

Information overload has become common in our society of excesses. We can have a library in the palm of our hand, from the comfort of our living room we can glimpse the most......

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Brilliant Parents, Fascinating Teachers

Parents and teachers share the same dream: to see their children become exemplary adults, who are happy, healthy, and intelligent. A hard task and worthy of every effort, but we have never been so lost in the art of education...

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Be your own leader

In the Theater of existence, we need to leave the audience and take over the stage as a leading actor in our lives, but how can we do...

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Never Give Up Your Dreams

There is a strength which science has not yet been able to crack, a power of execution which can transform small projects into great works of arts, a small idea into an empire capable of revolutionizing the world. All this happens in the depths of our being....

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Revolutionize your Quality of Life

In contemporary society, quality of life is almost regarded as a de-luxe article! We want to find the treasure to the happiness mine, but there is no map to guide us through this journey...

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