Psychiatrist, professor and most read author of the last decade.

+30 Million
books sold
+70 countries
Published countries
+40 thousand
students of the Emotion Management Academy
+300 thousand
Children and adolescents in the Intelligence School Program

Dr. Augusto Cury

With over 30 million books sold, he is considered the most read author of the last decade with his bestseller “The Dreamseller”, adapted to screen in 2016, Dr. Augusto Cury is the creator of the Multifocal Intelligence Theory, which analyzes the thought-building process. Creator of EMA - the first online Emotion Management Academy -, which has already transformed the lives of more than 40 thousand students through courses and workshops with the Emotion Management tools.

Augusto Cury's Educational Projects

Emotion Management Academy

100% online training course that teaches students how to manage their emotions in a simple, practical and efficient way, through Dr. Augusto Cury’s Method.

School of Intelligence

A program that implements in schools the culture for the development of emotional intelligence, psychosocial health and the construction of healthy relationships.

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Online courses with Dr. Augusto Cury

Emotion Management
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Real Women
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Fighting anxiety
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Brilliant parents
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Dr. Augusto Cury's social projects

A free program to prevent suicide and emotional disorders
International humanitarian aid organization.

Augusto Cury's videos

Where is your delight for life?

Dear friends, do not be emotional beggars begging for the bread of joy. Always keep in mind that in order not to fail in the emotion’s territory, it is necessary that you make your lives a spectacle for the eyes.

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All of Augusto Cury’s phrases

The existence is like the sun rays that emerge solemnly at the most beautiful dawn and fatally takes its leave at sunset.

The Dreamseller - The Call

Queridos amigos, não sejam mendigos emocionais mendigando o pão da alegria. Tenham sempre em mente que para não falharem no território da emoção, é preciso que vocês façam da sua vida um espetáculo aos olhos.

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